Chubby Curry

225 S Beverly Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90212

About Chubby Curry

Chubby Curry’s aim is to preserve the taste of homemade Japanese curry in a modern and lively environment where everyone have fun. Our custom curry blend is a mixture of 25 different spices carefully measured out.

Inspired by century old Japanese recipes passed down from Chef Shin’s family, Chef Shin and partner Chef Liga Sigal spent two years honing Japanese curries with Bokuchan’s Japanese Curry House ghost kitchen in Chicago during the pandemic.

Chubby Curry is the evolution of these creations building on them by incorporating premium wagyu beef, A Japanese Wagyu Burger, Beef tongue curry and other specialties await.

Our fried katsus use top-quality meat and our udon dishes are made to satisfy critics and hungry diners alike all at

A dimly lit dining room with spice displays and anime characters accentuated by an open kitchen capture a unique dining experience.

At Chubby Curry we honor the blend of tradition, creativity and quality at affordable everyday prices.

Hours of Operation

FRI, SAT 11AM- 9:30PM