Partnership lies at the heart of the exciting world of Chubby Cattle. Since opening our first restaurant in 2014, our mission is to familiarize people with traditional Asian cuisine from around the world through a commitment to culinary excellence and fostering meaningful partnerships. Chubby Cattle cultivates a dining experience that promotes technological innovation, the freshest ingredients, and the art of being together.

Our first brand, Chubby Cattle “牛魔王”, which served as the inspiration for our subsequent brand expansion. Our newest Japanese Yakiniku Wagyu AYCE concept, Chubby Cattle “牛武士” opened in Monterey Park in April 2023. This new restaurant inherited the same English Name as mother brand “Chubby Cattle” while it reads and conveys a completely different meaning in Chinese. It pays homage to our roots while continuing to push the boundaries of creativity and imagination.

The 3D-printed cow head installations and warrior models in Chubby Cattle Monterey Park location create a dynamic and visually stunning setting, inviting guests to immerse themselves in a fantasy world where cow kings and samurais battle in the skies above. Our restaurant is the perfect destination for young people looking for a lively and fun gathering spot. Our supply chain advantage allows us to offer high-quality Wagyu beef to our customers at a very affordable price. Our signature all-you-can-eat Wagyu beef menu features three different levels, including American and Australian Full Blood Wagyu, as well as the highly sought-after Japanese A5 Wagyu. Each level comes with a variety of appetizers, seafood, sushi, and dessert options, and our top tier even includes the opportunity to indulge in A5 Wagyu to your heart’s content. We also offer a range of seafood options, including lobster, scallops, oysters, and sea urchin. Join us in bringing this exciting and innovative dining concept to communities across the country and become a part of the Chubby Cattle family today.